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Healthcare Career of Doctors and Consultant in Gulf

Doctors are always in demand everywhere in the world .The GCC healthcare market is projected to grow at a 12.1 percent compound annual growth rate from an estimated in 2016 and 2017 only for the doctors .Its new GCC Healthcare industry report said the increase in the population and rising cost of treatment are the primary factors aiding this growth.It added that added that a sedentary lifestyle coupled with a penchant for packaged and fast food have led to an increase in the occurrence of lifestyle -related diseases such obesity,diabetes,hypertension,cancer and heart ailments in the GCC nations. A rise in lifestyle- related diseases is likely to add to healthcare expenses as well as augment the need for specialised care centers and doctors.

Healthcare Career of Dentist in Gulf

Overall employment of dentist is projected to grow 17 percent over the next ten years,much faster than the average for all occupations.Demand for the dental services will increases as the population ages.Many members of the aging baby-boom generation will need dental work.Because those in each generation are more likely to keep their teeth than those in past generation, more dental care will be needed in the years to come.There will be increased demand for complicated dental work, including dental implants and bridges.Demand for dentist services will increases as studies continue to link oral health to overall health.They will need to provide care and instruction aimed at promoting good oral hygine, rather than just providing treatments such as fillings.Job prospects for dentists are expected to be good. There are still areas of the country where patients need dental care but have little access to it .Job prospects will be especially good for dentists who are willing to work in these areas .

Living in the United Arab Emirates

Island, just off the coast where the world’s two largest man-made islands have been created, supporting luxury hotels ,exclusive residential villas ,apartments ,marinas, water theme parks,restaurants, and shopping malls.Dubai and Abu Dhabi are amongst the most liberal states in the middle east and provide a family -oriented society where security is high and crime rates low.The UAE also offers an excellent selection of international schools.

Healthcare Career of Allied professional in gulf

Allied professionals Pharmacist, Physiotherapy , Medical Lab technician / Technologist ,
Radiographer , Dietitians ,Occupational therapy, Psychology , Nurses etc.

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  • One of the most attractive aspects of working in the middle east is the tax free salary
  • Add such benefits as free accommodation,travel allowance , medical cover and bonus schemes on completion of contracts
  • For many who have worked in the Gulf States , they have had the experience of the lifetime, made life long friends,travelled the world and returned home financially secure.
  • The Middle East is experiencing phenomenal growth with commercial and financial centers building up across Bahrain,Kuwait ,Qatar,Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Both ABu Dhabi and Dubai have become important trading posts , with Dubai enjoying a construction and real estate boom to cater for the burgeoning tourist trade, Developments have included the palm.

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